Within the scope of the Grant programme for non-governmental organisations of the Presidency of the European Union

The Project for the Empowerment of Individuals with Celiac through Educational Methods has started!

From among 500 nationwide projects our project was selected among the first 38 and was started in January 2019.

The Purpose of our Project:

  • To provide individual training sessions to celiac patients in order to facilitate their day to day lives.
  • To provide psychological and practical support for their lives with a gluten free diet.
  • To organise in and outside Istanbul kitchen ateliers with chefs and food professionals who know and are aware about the most delicate parts of gluten free nourishment.
  • To organise one to one consultancy sessions with expert diet professionals in order to adapt with the diet and to set up the new nourishment system.
  • To realise awareness activities and voluntary trainings in order to establish a communication group among persons suffering from celiac and to set up a new network of volunteers for our association.
  • To coordinate with local administrations, the provincial directorates of Health and vocational health academies and to organise information seminars for doctors
  • To hang out informative posters which shall be designed by us at pharmacies and private hospitals.
  • To include new informative videos which we shall design on the new website and to have these shown on the digital screens of health institutions.