A gluten free nourishment for your child suffering from celiac disease is the most prominent treatment method for its health to turn to normal.

  • All food we eat proceeds from the alimentary canal to the stomach, from the stomach to the small intestines and from there to the large intestines. After digestion in the stomach nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the villus protrusions in the small intestines.Without the villus the body is not able to absorb nutrients and the above mentioned symptoms begin to occur.

  • As wheat, barley, rye and oat contain a protein named GLUTEN and as the immune system reacts to this protein, individuals with celiac who consume these cereals and food made from these like bread, pasta, farina, noodles, wafers, bulgur wheat suffer from damages to the absorbing surface within their small intestines called villus and nutrients are prevented from entering the blood stream. This leads to deficiencies in nutrition followed by deficiencies in the immune system.

  • Therefore INDIVIDUALS WITH CELIAC MUST nourish themselves with GLUTEN FREE food. In the weeks after a gluten free diet has begun, improvements in above mentioned symptoms can be observed. After approximately three months the villus recovers.Nutrients again enter the bloodstream. The vitamin storages of the body fill up again and the development of your child turns to normal again.

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After a diagnosis of celiach as occurred you have to pay intense attention that your child only consumes gluten free food. For gluten free food and products you can visit the respective part in our website.

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Important Information

  • In order to protect your child against the possibility that your kitchen ware like wood surfaces or teflon was smeared with gluten during previous use you should refrain from utilising such utensils for your child’s food. Apart from that there is no need that you replace all of your kitchen ware.
  • In order to prevent that your own food which contains gluten does not get mixed up with or infects the gluten free food you have purchased for your child you should not keep these in the same cupboard or shelves.
  • Gluten free food can also be consumed by persons who do not suffer from celiac. Only a celiac patient should not consume food containing gluten.
  • If knowingly or unknowingly a product containing gluten is consumed the villi might be damaged again. Celiac is a disease until the point where it is diagnosed. After the diagnosis it turns into a gluten free life style.
  • As the celiac disease is caused genetically there might be a genetic predisposition for the siblings, the mother or the father or other relatives of the child.

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